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June 02, 2016 2 min read

(Photo/Dubuque, IA & Wisconsin Bridge)

When you live in the Gunnison Valley and grow up in the midwest like our crew at Chopwood Mercantile you form a special connection with water and the flow of rivers. They scare, intrigue, hydrate, create our energy, and come with an energy of their own.

(Photo/Sarah Wood)

Recently, Travis, Lisa, Sue, and the gang wandered down the San was one wild trip! (Not all photos were appropriate for the interweb.) Needless to say, there is something about being unconnected from the social world for any period of time. Phones, laptops, and tablets were left behind forcing oneself to connect with the surroundings, friends, and nature. Even after a short trip, the traveler comes back refreshed, with a new perspective from the river’s lessons.

(Photo/Penelope Gleason)

When I moved here six years ago and was taken to the “river,” I laughed. Growing up on the banks of the Mississippi, I was confused. I had never seen a river so small, yet so powerful. The Mississippi where Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin all touch is about a mile wide; the Gunni is about a rock’s skip wide. After some time, I’ve come to appreciate both in completely different ways. I still do the same things at them: take photos, read, let the dog swim. They’re different, yet the same. They are both home.

(Photo/Arna Ruth Einarsdottir)

It’s the flow. The rivers calm us and let us take a step back, which is needed especially leading up to summertime in Crested Butte. For now, we’re getting ready for the summertime Elk Ave flow and will be sure to head over to the Slate to dunk ourselves in once and awhile.

A little river poem to keep you sane:

Cleansing Moment
So cold the river.
Its cleansing breath
washes away
self doubt.
Renewing sun
gives hope
to move forward.
The past lies buried.
Shoots of belief
rise up slowly
but stronger.
Reaching for glory.
--written in Gunnison, Colorado
Peggy Dolson, 2014