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December 03, 2015 1 min read

First things first: Happy Holidays from Chopwood! 

Every season is awesome here but once the ski area opens and the snow starts to get deep, you can't help but marvel at how amazing our town looks in the winter. We're seeing lots of friends around town grinning after a good start to November, and we're keeping our fingers crossed the El Nino gifts will fall from the sky all winter long.

We've got our winter goods on the floor here, and with all that--are you ready to talk about Butte Bucks?

You can read more about 'em here

Spend $80, get $100 Butte Bucks--yeah we're uppin the value of your dollar--and save some money all around town. Including Chopwood. 

We'll be not only accepting Butte Bucks, but we'll also be doing a cool little deal on Icebreaker socks. Socks, you say? Well, hells yes--ICEBREAKER socks! Buy 2 of these amazingly made, wool, famous, no-slouch-in-the-feet-department Icebreakers socks and you'll get the 3rd one free. 

(Can you tell we're fans?)

We're also going to do free gift wrapping this season, because heck there is so much goodness in our store this December you'll want to share it, right? Right!

And before we sign off, let us remind you: Free Cider, Snacks and Cheer. Yeah, cheer. Not the Broncos kind, neither :)

Ski well out there, my friends!