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February 15, 2016 2 min read

(Photo/Travel Crested Butte)

Puffy jackets fill the streets of Crested Butte and for a few good reasons. They’re not just a fad, but a must when you live on the Western Slope. So why is everyone so puffed up? Michelin man jokes aside, we’ve got the goods on why you need a puffy.

Versatility:You just can’t live here without one. Cool fall afternoon, throw one on. Brisk morning on the mountain, perfect layer, or day at the park with the kids, just enough. They pack easily and are ready for anything you can throw at ‘em.

Crested Butte proof:Puffy jackets are to CB as football is to Texas. They co-exist and need each other. Skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, out on Elk, playing at the park, or grabbing coffee, your puffy is most likely tokeep you comfortably ready for anything or to be just what you need for whatever happens.

Longevity:They last. And if you’ve thrown them through the ringer enough for them to need some lovin’ you can find that too. If it’s a Patagonia, they stand by their Worn Wear model and will sew them right up for you or send you a new one. Therefore forevermeans “til death do us part.”

Look good to play good:Vibrant colors, earth tones, or good ol’ fashion black will have you stylin'. New age puffys are flattering not fattening. You’ll feel right at home when you find a good one.

So why is everyone so puffed up? Because in the mountains, it’s a must. Get on board and find the perfect puffy at Chopwood Mercantile. We’ll explain which type of puffy is right for you too (there are lots of different kinds)!