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March 17, 2016 2 min read

It’s a special place. Warm air, kick-ass margaritas, live music, the beach’s breeze, the Sea of Cortez on one side of you and the mighty Pacific on the other. Baja, Mexico is everyone at Chopwood Mercantile’s kryptonite.

Travis has been through on motorbike (just this month), Lisa is aFlora Farms fanatic, Sue (Travis’s mom) is there currently soaking in the Mexican sun, and I was beachside there for a bit in December. Different things move you there and none of them push you back. Crested Butte is home, but it’s another one of those special places.

Highway 1, Hotel California, surfing, whale watching, reading on the beach, natives who work hard and do the Cabo Wabo at night, it all works its way into why we love it down there. Travis loves the thousands of back roads he can take his bike down and says it's just a magical place. The different cactus and diverse landscape keep him wanting more. Lisa feels far away without traveling too far. Minds get breaks and the body relaxes. I think it’s one of the most peaceful, safe, most delicious places that exists. It’s safe to say that the Baja Sur was a part of the Chopwood inspiration too. The style of the markets, the friendly service, and the relaxed atmosphere are also found inside of Chopwood Mercantile’s snowy end of Elk double doors.

Come in, and Baja is sure to come up. It’s where we keep our second homes and hearts. Check out the adventures:

 (Travis exploring the cave paintings)

 (A cactus for everyday of the week)

(The famous Conscious Camper designed enamel mug: order one now)

(Whale season is the best season in Baja)

(Artists telling the story of the community)

(Travis under Lisa's favorite tree: the boojum)

So, do you want to head south yet?