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March 25, 2016 1 min read

Behind the Scene Chopwood Folk: Eric, Georgia, Rich, Chris, Randy, & Travis having a terrible time.

(The people behind Chopwood, having a terrible time)

Someone’s gotta go when you run a shop like Chopwood Mercantile. It’s in the desert, there is music, beer, campfires, and a lot of like-minded people. To top it all off it’s in Joshua Tree. Sound rough? Well, there is work to be done too.

 (The little nugget in charge)

 Desert & Denim,run by one of the brands we carry (Juniper Ridge), was a success and fond memory for Chopwood co-owner Travis Underwood. It started in Joshua Tree and ended in Baja Mexico. The trade show focuses on men’s high-quality, workshop made fashion. The goal is to introduce unique brands to a curated group of buyers (Travis) who appreciate an American style and value a community experience over the repetitive transaction of an average trade show. Sound like Travis and Chopwood? Yeah, exactly.


(Iron & Resin Storefront: one of our new in-house brands)

There was fun to be had and it was. Travis has rejoined us in Crested Butte with great ideas for the shop, products that will have you in awe, and stories to leave you entertained. Swing on in and check out our unique brands that started from a cool story and turned into a lifestyle for so many people.