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March 29, 2016 2 min read

Saw it in a photo - Went to the photo - Took a photo

Short introduction to who I am and what I have to do with Chopwood Mercantile: This is happening in first person. I'm Molly, Chopwood's employee that's not Lisa, Travis, or Travis' mom. I've lived in the valley for six years and will never leave. I help out in the shop (mostly Tuesdays), online, and on social media here and there. 

(Back at Mill Creek after neck surgery)

Glad that's over. If you live here you understand that you have to escape to remind yourself why you're still here. I've had a long year. Long story short, I broke my neck (had surgery), messed up my shoulder (had surgery), and have some sensitive kidneys (have lots of appointments), so I NEEDED to get out of dodge, and not to another hospital, and do something that doesn't involve skiing or biking...which is hard. 

(Bug at Lake Powell - seems like she had a good time)

I saw Horseshoe Bend in an Instagram photo and looked it up. About 7 hours away and a free weekend that didn't involve some sort of appointment, I was off. I also convinced my boyfriend, Bryan, and dog, Bug (wasn't hard to convince) to come on the adventure. 

(Lower Antelope Canyon just outside of Page, AZ)

With some research I found out Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell were close by too and made the voyage to Page, AZ for my first camping trip in two years. Simply put, it was incredible. The views were unreal. I had the feeling that I had when I first saw the West Elks. Shock, awe, is this a dream? As a kid from the Midwest, all of these landscapes are stunning. It's so easy to stay, but also so easy to take weekend trips out of the valley with memories that will last a lifetime. 

(It was seriously awesome)

I was going to end the blog there, but then the sweetest girl and her mother walked into Chopwood. The girl was blind. It did not seem to affect her outlook. I was reminded that the trials of this year are temporary, and even if they weren’t, even without skiing and biking there is still so much beauty to be enjoyed. So I’ll keep going and keep returning.

(Shoulder and new neck preforming well for a #selfie)

Ps. I'm feelin' great.