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April 07, 2016 1 min read

Town goes dead, maintenance workers fill the streets, shops empty, restaurants close their doors, dogs run the streets, and Crested Butte, Colorado goes into hibernation, or at least from what you think you see.

At Chopwood, we’ll be leaving on weekends, heading to the desert, navigating a few rivers, riding our bikes in Gunnison, and believe it or not, still getting work done. Off-season is nice because the hustle and bustle quiets down, but there is so much to get done before summer kicks in. Not to mention, there are still activities in the valley during mud season. As everyone flees the rivers become fishable and floatable, mountain biking trails and areas open up, the rec path is peaceful thaws out, backcountry skiing still exists for a little while longer, and there are some hard to beat happy hours and deals around town.

Summer orders will be finalized, the shop will be rearranged, spring cleaning will be deep, the website will be full-swing, and employee drinks will be plenty.

Shop closes Friday, April 8th and we’ll reopen Thursday, May 5th. If you can’t resist until then, see what’s good online and drop us an order. Happy “Off-Season”!