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September 26, 2016 1 min read

So, it's fall in the mountains. We've had inches of snow in town, plenty in the mountains, golden tree leaves falling, and a few hanging on. The Fall Harvest Festival, Vinotok, was snow filled and chilled, high 60s are on the horizon, and we are just too confused. If you don't like the whether in Colorado, wait 15 minutes. We've all heard it, but we get fooled every fall. Wax the skis or hit the bike trails? Depends on the day. Check out a few photos from around the valley in the past week, then you decide what to do next. Ski, bike, hike, camp, or all in the same weekend? Good luck:

An ideal fall morning on Wood's Walk.

Maroon Bells in full on fall.

A normal looking autumn?

Elk Ave's 4-Way looking a little confused.

The next day at Lake Irwin. Cold, windy, and snowy.

Camping on West Maroon...while it wasn't 20 degrees.

100% confusion.

Collision on Kebler Pass.

If you bothered scrolling through you'll notice things are interesting at the moment. So whether you're grabbing your skis right now or lubing your bike chain prepare for anything and everything. Fall is foolish and man is it fun out there right now.