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November 12, 2016 1 min read

Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona are four of the greatest states around. I got to do a quickie to all four in the last two weeks, not at Four Corners either, and no, not the kind of quickie you were thinking.

My British cousin and his buddy from Australia were in the valley for the first time two weeks ago and we snuck away to Moab for a few days, did some high country viewing up Schofield Pass. It’s fun to see this place through the eyes of someone who lives in central London with 13 million other people. Jaws were on the floor when we pulled into Moab, via the Cisco route. They loved the mountains, the desert, the camping, the girls, and the craft beer. It’s fun to see how much people love this place when they’ve never been anywhere like it before.

The craziness continued when I left them and headed down to Tucson to fulfill my maid-of-honor duties for a week. I took the New Mexico highways and was in complete awe driving. With a few stops here and there and then heading west to Tucson I am thankful to be a day’s driving trip from places like that. With brunches, hiking, planning, and finally celebrating and dancing the night away in the desert with my best friends and family, I realized yet again that summer is SO worth it to have an off season like this one.

The whole Chopwood crew is off to Baja, Mexico, this Monday, and we’ll just keep letting the good times roll and getting down in the desert continue.