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January 03, 2017 2 min read

Chopwood Mercantile is recovering from the busy holiday season and we wanted to dive in deeper. 'Live Your Passion' is our go-to tag line. It's a loaded statement though. What does it mean to us? What does it mean to you and each customer that walks into Chopwood? Are we fulfilling what we're putting out there? Can we truly Live Our Passions? Lots of questions we don't have exact answers to, but it's worth a shot right?

What does 'Live Your Passion' mean to us?

(Travis, Passion: Four-Legged Friends at RanchoLoco)

It means we're more that a retail shop. While our products keep the doors open, it isn't what it's all about. Seriously. Chopwood is crafted on small town ideas, personal connections, and wanting to make connections with people that are like minded in mountain towns. Chopwood Mercantile is a four person operation with others lending helping hands, 900sq foot building, a majority Patagonia shop that has local goods mixed right in. We genuinely care what adventure you're on, what one you're about to head to, what you've already done, and everything in between. Whether you're here for the scenery, to summit a nearby peak, hike to Aspen, or just trying to drink good beer with better people. We're here for all of those reasons too. 

What does 'Live Your Passion' mean to you?

(Sue, Passion: Hiking & Knitting)

Not sure. That's why we're here though. We strive to have something in Chopwood that you can relate to. Hunters, skiers, bikers, ATVers, film goers, winos, all of you. Our purpose is to figure in your passions into our little shop and create relationships off of that. 

Are we fulfilling what we're putting out there?

(Lisa, Passion: People & Bikes)

We'd like to think so. Chopwood is our craft and we're constantly putting our efforts into all aspects of it. We strive to make you feel at home at the end of Elk. We think we're groovy and want to rely that to you. Chopwood Mercantile was voted 'Business of the Year' last year and we'd like to think that that means we're a little different. Don't worry we won't let that get to our head, now we just want each and every person to truly feel that way. We've got cool stuff online and in store, but we want our relationships to speak for themselves. 

Can we truly Live Our Passions?

(Molly, Passion: Skiing & Selfies)

Life is nuts. It's been a wild year and that takes a toll on the soul. Crested Butte is where our passion is. Biking, hiking, skiing, riding horses, reading our books, they're all apart of it. When the passion isn't in Crested Butte we take our off-seasons elsewhere. There's a good saying out there somewhere that's a little something like this, "If you're sick of the view, find a new one," or something like that. The passion is that we'll never get sick of the scenery here. The people, the West Elks, the Gunnison Rivers, the Almont canyons, none of it, so yeah, we're living our passions. 

Cheers friends, hopefully this answers some of the 'Live Your Passion' questions and creates more to ponder. See you at the end of Elk.