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February 23, 2017 2 min read

If you're a climber, you've seen his books or at least heard the name tossed around. Publisher of the Climbing Zine, an independent print publication and website, Luke Mehall is the man. Ex-Donita's dishwasher, Illinois native gone Western State College grad, and all around climbing badass Luke has made a name for himself. 

The chosen lifestyle. (Photo/Luke Mehall)

The goal is to represent the essence of climbing. The good, the bad, and the ugly are all apart of the lifestyle. Climbing Out of Bed, a collection of stories from his twenties, ranging from the great climbing trips enjoying the freedom of the open road, to love stories, to pondering what it means to be a real mountain person. American Climber focuses on two underlying themes: Luke's journey to climbing that he claims saved his life and what the dirtbag climbing life and culture are all about. The Great American Dirtbags is about a rewarding life, close to nature, is still possible in our insane world. Graduating From College Me, Luke's fourth book, captures two decades worth of adventure, his wisdom, and synchronicity. 

All four worth a read and if you get the chance to run into Luke Mehall take advantage. His connection with Chopwood started before Chopwood was even an idea. Lisa was serving at Donita's and Luke was washing the dishes. The two have remained connected and when we had the opportunity to shelf his books and zines, it was a no brainer. We look forward to more stories, adventures, and random visits to the shop. Luke is the man, so climb along his journey with him: