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June 21, 2016 2 min read

A group of girlfriends and I refer to ourselves as mountain hotties. Go ahead and laugh at us. So naturally when I booked my ticket to visit family in England I had to rummage through Chopwood Mercantile for Euro Chic clothing that I could also wear again around the mountains. I traded the mountains for the big city life of London for two weeks. It was polar opposite and it was awesome.

View from The Shard

There's something to be said about trading your everyday life for something so out of your realm that you just have to laugh and go with it. I've lived in the Gunnison Valley for six years and been to England a hand full of times. This time was different though.

Sam's patio was decent

I went with my aunt, who lived there for 30 years, and we met up with her son who is from there. Normally we would have stayed in Bath, where they're from, but my cousin is now 22 and a paramedic in London. He also has a sweet pad right on the Thames (pictured above).

Pictured above: The definition of Euro Chic

Thirteen million people flock their during the work week...a few more than our valley. Lazy mornings, tea or coffee at least three times a day, late dinners, and even later nights kicked my butt, but it was a blast. It's a wild lifestyle.

The wildest day of them all!

With all the craziness that goes on in everyday life a vacation was just what I needed. The day after the Orlando attack I went to see Elton John live at Longleat. It was the only place to be. More people than all of Crested Butte in one place, but I felt as if I fit in. Not knowing anyone but my family, yet feeling the love. We need more of that. Wild nights, lots of family and friends, an emotional evening, and a whole lot of laughs, it's what traveling and life have been all about lately.

Elton John at Longleat

After two weeks of adventures and stories, it'd be too long of a blog and I don't want too many people to get the FOMO. Moral of the story is the mountain hottie was SO Euro Chic for two weeks and is also very happy and thankful to live where I live. Until next time, England.

PS. I found some sweet singletrack too!

Singletrack at Battersea Park