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May 22, 2017 3 min read


My 92-year-old grandpa doesn’t think I work. My friends wonder why I’m always going down to Mexico for work and my aunts think I just bike, play with my dog, and ski. I’m here to settle the questioning.

I am also a model.

I don’t work. I don’t have a job. I have passions, and I know how to plan a day. Yes, I get a paycheck for showing up to the shop a few days a week to write blogs, manage a website, post on social media, gather stories from my friends, and take photos that are beautiful because of what’s in the photo, not because I’m a professional photographer. I just understand Instagram a little more than some people.

"Working" with Bug the Dog

My salary and paychecks come from Chopwood Mercantile and no, Grandpa, it’s not the same amount of money Katie makes as a veterinarian or Steph as a dentist, but I pay my bills on time, spoil my dog, and can also afford to drink good beer. I don’t need a lot of money to be happy because I’m living my passions each day and the trails don’t cost as much as fancy furniture, a big ass tv, or the nicest clothes. I ride before I head into Chopwood, play with my dog during, and meet friends after I hop off the free bus that gets me to and from the shop doors.

Puente Guidance: April '17

As for my recent Mexico trips we do retreats down there in Los Barriles with Puente Guidance. It’s legit, check it out: Puente Guidance. I can’t explain to people what it’s like, but we get the most important “work” of the year done down there. Sometimes it involves snorkeling, hiking, and eating copious amounts of tacos. We have intense sessions where just about every Chopwood topic of discussion is brought up; then we figure it out. Crested Butte is a zoo, so it’s important for us to press the reset button.

Puente Guidance: November '16

I recreate a lot. It’s what I post on my social media because too many people focus on the negative when it comes to the interweb. I’m not one of them, so yes, my life looks like one big vacation on Instagram and Facebook and that’s because it is. I wake up early and stay up late. Everyone has things that aren’t going their way in life, and I just choose to take them for what they are, drink a beer with friends, wake up the next day and ride it off.

A couple of Kennedys dancing to The Unicorn Song.

So, yes, Grandpa, I do have an income, a sweet life, a nice roof over my head, and I love where I live. But no, I don’t work. And thank you for providing me with a good set of ethics and the two sweetest grandparents a girl could ask for. Also a mom who is the best teacher I have, who married the best life coach I have, who provided me with the best brother. It’s because of the people in my life that I don’t think of it as work, rather just a part of the life I choose to live.

PS. Thanks to whichever aunt loudly read this to grandpa. LOVE YOU!

Taking Inventory