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November 09, 2016 2 min read

It’s been the most dramatic election in US history and the woman who was meant to break the glass ceiling didn’t. By now we all know that Donald Trump is going to be the next President. People are lost, terrified, scared for their lives, and believe it or not, millions are pleased. Hillary Clinton couldn’t grab the election by know what so here we are, totally and utterly in shock. Whether you’re a Trump or Clinton supporter, most of us didn’t see this happening.

Locally, things came out on a positive note. Democrats and Republicans respected each other, listened without interruption, and just voted their conscious. While the majority of Colorado, Crested Butte, and Gunnison are confused, we have to remember that life is still good in this valley of ours. We’re taking time to reflect on 8 things we’re thankful for today, and fingers crossed, a long time to come: 

The West Elks

It’s our playground. We get to wake up, summit a mountain, go for a drive, ski fresh powder, or just embrace their ambiance. No matter what, we have the West Elks.

Our Furry Friends

Nothing gets us through each day like Fido. Coming home to a pup (or cat) who is ecstatic to see us is exactly what we need right now. Wouldn’t it be fun if that’s how we greeted each other.

A Coffee on the Table and Book in Hand

Take a breath. We live in a place where there is hot coffee every block and a good book to sooth your soul isn’t probably too far away.


While a lot of people are searching for chill pills, we can grab our bikes, skis, boats, rods, etc. and escape reality at the blink of an eye.

Good Food

With off season comes warm food, hot drinks, and cozy atmospheres. Embrace one another over some good food; things will seem a little better I bet.

Locally Elected Officials

Jonathan Houck and John Messner won the two County Commissioner spots this year. That’s something to feel empowered about. In Colorado we’re progressive and old school combined, and this place makes us proud.

One Hell of a View

Look out a window, down Elk Ave, or just do a slow 360 and you’ll see what I mean. Things could be worse.

Finally, Community

If one thing remains after an election season it’s community. Yeah, things are unimaginable at this point for some, but we have each other. Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley have a way of settling us all in and getting down to the roots of what matters most, each other.

Social media and the news will be filled with anything and everything for the next 70+ days. Take some time to yourself, and with family, and remember there will always be much to be thankful for. Cheers from Crested Butte, and if you need some warm cider in the near future, you know where to find us.