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October 11, 2016 1 min read

It was a summer for the books and a fall frenzie. Chopwood Mercantile had so many people in and out of its doors; it's a good thing they're sturdy and ancient. We wanted to say, thank you. Not in the, "thanks for spending money" kind of way either. A thank you for telling your stories, coming in time and time again, thanking us, inviting us to come along for the ride with you, for bringing all the puppies in, for making Crested Butte an awesome place to call home.

It was a busy summer. There will always be people who love to hate that. We're not those people. We LOVE the hustle and bustle that comes with warm temps, sweet trails, and epic wildflowers. It's all worth it. At Chopwood we squeezed in what we could this summer and fall and will treat ourselves with getaways, adventures, and day hikes when we see fit. We stayed open until 9:30 one night; we opened early for people having to leave town. We did it all, and it's always worth it. So, thank you for making Crested Butte what it is, and that's home. A place where you feel comfortable, loved, and have dogs running everywhere. Thanks locals, thanks tourists, thanks kind of locals, thanks EVERYONE.

We'll stay open except for a few odd days in November, so swing in, say hi, share your "off season" plans, or just come snag a cup of coffee. We're here for you!