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September 16, 2016 2 min read

Mornings are frosty, surrounding peaks are getting snow, puffys fill Elk Ave all hours of the day, and the biking is out of this world. Festival weekends still await, tourists are still trickling through, Keber isn’t too big of a problem, students are back in school, and most local’s favorite month is midway through, but the best weeks are still to come.

Adventures still await the Chopwood crew as hours decrease and inventory looks warmer and warmer. We’re stuffed to the gills with puffy coats, lots of comfy fleece, and all sorts of fall accessories to have you emerged fully in the season. Pretty much anything you can think of for fall shenanigans, we’ve got in store and online now. Adventures of our own are slowly reemerging as well now that July has passed.

Lisa has been hitting the bike scene hard with traveling every other weekend down to Arizona for high school race support via Pivot Cycles, Interbike in Las Vegas this coming week, and sneaking in runs on the mountain in the meantime. Travis is doing what Travis does when he’s away from the shop...which we’re never certain of what that is exactly. Some horse play with the crew at Rancho Loco, rippin’ Doctor Park, hiking with his gals, and chopping a whole lot of wood for the house is what we know for sure. Sue is overseeing an addition that will soon become the anticipated Granny Flat and has been hiking around the hills with her pup and youngest son. I’ve been running around with Bug the dog, biking with Bryan the boyfriend, and am hiking to Aspen tomorrow to just finally do it. As a shop we’ve set our sights on getting outside and doing things before we can’t and working while we still have the business. We’ll be staying open for most of “off season” with the exception of a trip to Baja in November.

The Chopwood Mercantile life is a good life. The scale is coming back to balance and deep breathes have been taken more often (thanks, Mimi). So, enjoy those frosty mornings, white capped peaks, and trails too golden to be true because as with summer, fall flys by. Cheers, and go treat yourself to that Pumpkin Spice Latte come the last aspen leaf to fall.