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July 25, 2016 2 min read

It's July in the Rocky Mountains which means it's wild out there. We're officially in the hang on to your hats kind of season, even though it's a zoo, we're loving every moment of it.

(The zoo of all zoos.)

Crested Butte is a special place with special people. I don't care if you're a long time local, a seasonal worker, a second home owner, or just passing through, we're all here for a good time. Summers filled with wildflowers, live music, epic mountain views, and endless adventures. Take a deep breathe and remember what brought you here and what brought the others as well.

(The view that may have brought us all here.)

Our country is perplexed at the moment and thankfully this is a place that allows you to embrace one another, escape a bit, and enjoy the beauty around us. Share the love, pay attention to what's going on, but remember why we're all here. While paying attention to the news is incredibly important, especially now, I get my escape up high. Hiking alone, biking with friends, or just riding the townie around I take a deep breathe and am thankful for Crested Butte and the people here, no matter where they come from, how long they've been here, or how long they plan to stay.

(Always a time and place to escape, no matter how busy.)

Life is good in this town and those people cruising Elk Ave, hiking the 401, and driving slow on 135 are all here for a reason, to be in the mountains where the living is spot on.

Swing into Chopwood Mercantile, at the end of Elk Avenue, while you're around and let's divvy up the adventure stories and embrace Crested Butte and it's small town vibes together. As Lisa would say, "Be Groovy."

(One girl who has endless love and happiness for all of Crested Butte.)