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September 02, 2016 2 min read

*Not your average Chopwood blog. This one’s not about mountains, skiing, and dogs. It’s about a little thing called, "love".

(Andrew & Molly Dillon, my "in-laws" - One Oak Photography)

If you’re around my age, twenty-four, or have ever been, you’ve been here. A summer full of weddings, weekends spent traveling to weddings, money spent on weddings, and a whole lot of anticipation for each wedding. I've been to more weddings this summer than I can count on both hands. It can’t get old though because it’s supposed to be the happiest day of each couple’s lives. So why am I tired of wedding-ing lately? 

(Bre McKenna & her squad last summer - Bryan Dillon Photography)

Because each one is crazier then the next, the Pinterest photos come to life, the money adds up, the miles tally, and the weekends go by quickly without riding our bikes, hiking, or adventuring into the mountains…because of a little (big) thing called weddings. I believe in love. I also believe in celebrating it, but ten or so weddings in one season is a lot. Right? I know they're individual celebrations, but I'm exhausted. I also don't have that many dance moves. Hard to believe right?

(Probably a million dollars in there - Bryan Dillon Photography)

But who cares. You suck it up, because each one of those friends or relatives would do the same thing for you, over and over again, probably (hopefully). If they wouldn’t, you don’t go to their wedding. That's totally fine too. Weddings aren’t about you, they’re not about what you think of the decorations, the people invited, the weather, the songs, the food. It’s what the couple wants, so it is what it is.

(Me, fully embracing a wedding - UnPosed Photography)

It’s not your day, you don’t get to ride your bike, you do have to spend the money, you do have to take off work, you do have to find a dog-sitter and a nice gift, but man when that nights over and it’s all said and done, it was one hell of a time...most of the time. So chill out, don't bad mouth the decisions that aren't yours, don’t plan your own wedding quite yet, and let your friends really owe you when it’s your turn. Weddings aren’t the worst thing in the world. Not embracing them might be. So party on friends and family, just know what’s coming for you.

...with that being said, someone better get me a damn KitchenAid someday and if you don't dance you won't get to come. It's as simple as that. 

(If you want me in your wedding, this is the only way to ask!)

Disclaimer: Chopwood Mercantile has some pretty sweet potential wedding gifts in stock this fall.