Alpine Fit

M's Treeline Long Sleeve Granite Fit

  • Silver fiber fabric for odor control!
  • Great for hiking, biking, running, kayaking, packrafting, camping, hunting...
  • Granite Fit - Straight Less Tapered fit. 
  • Made in Alaska, Made in USA

Made in the tradition of our technical, anti-odor, versatile designs, this long sleeve base layer is perfect for all your year-round adventures. From backcountry skiing and snowboarding, to slush-season camping trips, to sweaty summer hikes, the Treeline helps you do it all, while also keeping you feeling fresh with our quick-drying silver fiber fabric! With a high neckline and full-length sleeves and torso for optimal protection from sun, wind, rain, and bugs, this top is not only functional, but comfortable too. Seams placement is tailored for wear with backpack straps to keep you comfortable.


Our Sterling™ fabric contains antimicrobial silver fibers, so you can wear it multiple times between washes without building up odor. This luxurious fabric is also quick drying and cottony soft to the touch, so it can be worn all day for outdoor fitness, recreation and comfort!


We offer fit options! Granite for a more straight frame shape, Cinder for a narrow waist compared to shoulders. Refer to Your Alpine Fit for more info.


83% Polyester
9% XT2® Polyester
8% Lycra® Spandex
contains silver

Weight 7.5 oz (213g) size large

This product is an official Made in Alaska product, manufactured at our workshop here in Anchorage!

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