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Third Eye Headlamps

Totally Awesome Headlamp

Whether you are an accomplished outdoors person, avid traveler, camper, cyclist, mechanic, need a lamp for emergency situations, walking the dog at night, overnight music festivals (TE lamps have a flashing red and white feature for impromptu dance parties by the way...) or you are grilling in the backyard, Third Eye Headlamps has you covered- and you'll look good doing it!

  • POWERFUL - A Perfect Combo of 4 White and 2 Red Options - COOL WHITE LIGHT High/medium/low settings easily adjusts to your needs. High setting gives 168 lumens of light to 360 feet. Low setting conserves energy, perfect for close up work. SOS setting lets others know you need help - RED LIGHT preserves night vision, best for wildlife viewing and great for reading in bed. STROBE setting lets others know where you are - or that you wanna dance :)

  • MATERIALS - Responsible manufacturing is important to us. Our headlamps are made with 100% recyclable, non-toxic plastic and are ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)approved.


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