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Third Eye Headlamps

Totally Awesome Headlamp

  • GIVE YOUR HEADLAMP A PERSONAL TOUCH! - We found most headbands provided by major brands are simply boring. We want you to look good and feel good, not just see good. Our goal at Third Eye Headlamps is to provide the gear that you want to wear and don’t want to take off. Our products find the balance between technicality, functionality, high quality, thoughtful design and aesthetics.
  • DESIGN – Our headbands are designed in California by well-known artist/designer Sean Anderson. These beautiful straps take wearing a headlamp to the next level. You can wear your headlamp comfortably around your head or wrap around your wrist when you need some light or pull it down around your neck when you don’t. Your technical gear doesn’t have to be bland anymore, period.
  • USES - Whether you are an accomplished outdoors person, avid traveler, camper, cyclist, mechanic, need a lamp for emergency situations, walking the dog at night, overnight music festivals (our lamps have a flashing red and white feature for impromptu dance parties by the way…) or you are grilling in the backyard, Third Eye Headlamps has you covered- and you’ll look good doing it!
  • MATERIAL - Besides being incredibly good-looking, our straps are made of the highest quality materials. They are rugged, durable and functional. The soft yet sturdy material makes wearing it almost unnoticeable. Because we are so confident in our products we offer a 30-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND ONE YEAR WARRANTY. We've got you covered, no questions asked.
  • FITS MOST HEADLAMPS - Our headbands are exactly one inch wide and will fit most major companies headlamps out there. If your strap can be removed from the back of the headlamp and is the same size ours will fit right in!
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