September 10, 2020 2 min read

Fall is one of our favorite seasons here at Chopwood Mercantile. We named one of our rescue mustangs Equinox, after all! To celebrate the changing of the seasons and the fact that we made it through one of the busiest summers in recent history here in the Gunnison Valley, we’ve rounded up our best gear to see you through to winter whether you’re camping or getting cozy on the couch instead.


1. Hults Bruk Hatchets and Axes

Take one look at the name of our shop and you’ll know we’re passionate about firewood. We stock a variety of time-tested Hults Bruk axes and hatchets both online and in the shop. In the wise words of Henry Ford, “chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.” We are also giving away a Hults Bruk Torneo Axe this week on our Instagram page. Head there for details on how to enter!



2. Kupilka Camp and Travel Dishes

Looking for a zero-waste alternative to single use plastics or paper plates? Introducing Kupilka, a nordic inspired brand offering ecological travel and lightweight cups, plates, bowls, and more. Talk about a serious camp and backyard BBQ upgrade! These have been flying off the shelves and we can absolutely see why. Learn more about what makes Kupilka so unique here.



3. Field Company Skillets

Nothing says fall like a cast iron skillet! Cook up some loaded enchiladas or peach cobbler over the campfire, or get even more gourmet at home. No matter what you whip up, these skillets will last a lifetime and will only get better with age. We exclusively cook with Field Company skillets and love that they are lighter weight and smoother then traditional cast iron. Plus, Field Company offers a wealth of proper care techniques on their website for first-time users.



 4. Torchie Firestarter

Perfect for fall camping or evenings in the backyard, the Torchie is an all-natural aromatic fire starter that knows how to set the mood. Made out of juniper, this little camp companion not only smells divine but will keep mosquitos at bay. Please check fire regulations before burning and practice responsible campfire management! (For those looking for in-home coziness, you’ll want to check out our Ranger Station Candles the next time you’re in the shop).



5. Field Notes Notebooks

Taking some time away from technology is crucial, and this year we feel that need more than ever. Pack a set of Field Notes in your camping gear or every day carry and practice the age old tradition of writing stuff down. These pocket notebooks come in trios with lined, gridded, and blank pages for all your jotting needs. You might also want to pick up one of our Crested Butte trail maps, while you’re at it!