June 14, 2021 1 min read

Gunnison Valley is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

So it's no wonder that every year we are seeing more and more visitors, and unfortunately, more damage and disrespect of these places we love so much. But with the right practices and attitudes, we can all continue to enjoy the outdoors for generations to come. 


Those who "sign it" (by requesting a sticker and sharing on social media) will receive a free Eric Junker sticker to keep the movement alive: perfect for sticking on your favorite water bottle, the back of your car, or your camp cooler. 

As always, your Chopwood Mercantile purchases help us support the efforts of the CBCC and other sustainable, local nonprofits. Thanks for helping us protect Gunnison Valley and all our greater backyards.


1. Simply post one of the above pieces of art (files here) to your Instagram page, and tag us @chopwoodmercantile and @ericjunker. Don't forget to mention what the Conscious Camper campaign is all about!

3. Then, head over to checkout, and voila—we’ll send you a free Conscious Camper sticker pack in the mail.

Just like that, you’ll have good camping karma for the rest of the season.