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February 03, 2017 2 min read

If you follow us on social, have been in the shop, or seen one of us around town you're probably well informed that we love our furry friends. Each one has a story and they all hold special places in the Chopwood crew. All rescues, these dogs, horses, and the cat all wanted to get their photos taken and stories out! Check 'em out:

Shop Dogs


Breed: German Shepherd

Favorite Humans: Travis 

#1 Favorite Chopwood Memory:Alice loves being pet. So once you start you better not stop! She also loves her lunch breaks going to Totem Pole Park for a quick swim in the summer!


Breed: German Shepherd

Favorite Humans: Lisa

#1 Favorite Chopwood Memory:Literally any day she gets to go into the shop AND go run on her favorite trail. 


Breed:Red Heeler

Favorite Human:Sue

#1 Favorite Chopwood Memory: Roaming her hood and coming back whenever she damn well feels like it. 

At Home Horses


Breed: Mule 

Favorite Humans: Travis 

#1 Favorite Gunnison Valley Memory:Herman likes it all! He's so happy to be in Gunnison with all of his friends. 

Montage 'Monty'

Breed: Arabian

Favorite Humans:Lisa and Travis

#1 Favorite Gunnison Valley Memory: Getting to move to Gunnison! Monty was rescued from being locked in a stall for almost eight years and now roams the hillside loving it all! 


Breed: BLM Mustang from the Divide Basin Herd Management Area - Wyoming

Favorite Humans: Travis

#1 Favorite Gunnison Valley Memory: Nox loves getting to help move cattle with the Allen Ranches. 


Breed: BLM Mustang from the Fox Lake Range Herd Management Area - Nevada

Favorite Humans: Lisa and Travis

#1 Favorite Gunnison Valley Memory:Carson was very nervous to move to Gunnison, but when he relaxed and realized he was safe and staying he instantly fell in love. 


Breed: American Quarter Horse - Rescued and part of the A Home For Every Horse Equine Comeback Challenge. 

Favorite Humans: Travis - he thinks. 

#1 Favorite Gunnison Valley Memory: Getting a stocking full of treats from his rescuer's - Drifters Hearts of Hope

The Mouser


Breed: Maine Coon / Siamese Mix

Favorite Human:Lisa

#1 Favorite Rancho Loco activity: Meowing to be fed. 

It's takes a village to care for this crew. With the help of Sue, Travis's mom, Rancho Loco keeps being loco. Chopwood Mercantile obviously supports rescuing furry friends and who knows there may always be more to add to the crew.