June 27, 2022 3 min read

Here at Chopwood Mercantile, we pride ourselves on seeking out the best brands available at the intersection of performance, sustainability, and cool. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our newest brand:  Town Hall

Founded in Steamboat Springs, Colorado “by kids, for kids,” this fun-loving brand is raising the bar when it comes to sustainable apparel. We caught up with one of the founders, Robin Hall, to discover exactly how they’re disrupting the category and just how much lemonade it takes to eek consumer insights out of a group of kids. (Hint: it’s not a lot!)


The Mission of Town Hall: Be Planet Positive

They make colorful gear that kids love to wear, but the Town Hall team’s real goal is to put community and the planet first. Their comprehensive 19-step plan ensures that every item that receives their logo has been crafted in the most responsible way possible. From sourcing 75 percent (and higher) recycled material for each outerwear item to sustainable packaging–to the fact that local Steamboat deliveries are made by kids on bikes–Town Hall is raising the standard for the outdoor industry. They plan to use 100 percent recycled materials by 2023 (that’s next year!), and continue to participate in and host events that help kids of all backgrounds get outside in their communities.



It’s All In The Details

As Hall explains, there’s nothing worse than having to come home early on a ski day because your kids are cold. As parents, the Town Hall founders realized that if their kids were comfortable, the whole family would be able to stay out longer. 

In order to make it happen, Town Hall realized that not only was performance important, but so were technical details. And who better to ask than kids themselves? 

After many ‘kid-sumer’ research meetings (aka hanging out in the park encouraging sometimes shy kids to voice their opinions), Town Hall had received some excellent feedback: Magnetic closures instead of snaps. Stripes instead of boring single-color fabrics. Pockets large enough to fit stuffed animal friends. And of course, grow seams so that each kid’s outerwear will last them for more than a season.  

Although they’ve only been on the market since 2021, you may have seen their signature stripes flashing down the slopes on your local mountain this past winter. Or, perhaps you spotted a fun artist-series neck gaiter, designed by a 10-year-old in Steamboat Springs, at the park earlier this spring. These iconic pieces are just the beginning for Town Hall.


Encouraging Kids to Get Outside, And Stay There

As Hall explains, “when kids are bored, the magic happens.” That’s a sentiment that resonates. Those of us who grew up before the 90s remember a time before screens, where our parents told us to simply “go outside” when we were bored. Our imaginations ran wild in the backyard, games with friends ensued, and creativity was unleashed. This is the lifestyle Town Hall is hopeful to promote by providing the apparel that will allow kids to focus on the fun and stay outside, longer. They deliberately use the word ‘outside’ because just stepping foot outside brings mental and physical health and a greater appreciation for the planet.

Hall reminds us that you don’t need to live in a world-class mountain town like Steamboat or Crested Butte for your kids to experience this lifestyle: “Just get the kids outside, whether it’s an afternoon of sidewalk chalk paint or riding their bikes around the park. It’s easy, it’s free.”

What’s Next for Town Hall

This fall season, the Town Hall lineup welcomes a few exciting additions: a bib pant, as well as three new colors that are kid-approved. But part of Town Hall’s sustainability initiative means that they don’t feel the pressure to completely reinvent the wheel every season. It makes more sense for the planet, and for the kids wearing their gear. 

Join us this August 19, 2022 for a special event with Town Hall. There will be food, games, and lots of friendly faces! New items will be available to try on and pre-order, as well as the current offering available at Chopwood Mercantile. We hope to see you there.