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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should we hike?

Everywhere of course! It all depends on the time of year. Swing into the shop or call us and we'll give you some hot spots. Our favorite hike is West Maroon Pass, but looking for just a quick town hike or day hike, swing in and let's look at the map.

What's the best coffee shop?

All of them in town. First Ascent is the closest to us. Rumor's is great for reading the paper and snagging a donut, and Camp 4 has the best ambiance. If you drink tea, the T-Bar is all time.

Is the snow any good?

This year was insane. The snow is what you make of it. If you know where to go, it's always good.

Where should we go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

The best part is is that you can't really go wrong. If there was a bad place, it wouldn't last. Breakfast favorite: Izzy's or Third Bowl for donuts, Lunch Favorite: Teocalli Tamale, and Dinner: The Sunflower.

What's your favorite bike ride?

Trail 401, Teocalli Ridge, CBMR, Snodgrass, Lupine check out CBMBA for some exploring. There are lots of good ones. Swing in, let's pull that map out and pick the sweetest ride for that day.

Do you really drive from Gunnison everyday?

Molly - No. There is a free bus to and from Gunnison about 12 times in the summer and 20 in the winter. It's about 40min and we just read, sleep, or chat with our friends. Lisa & Travis - Yes. They have horses that get hangry if they're not home in time for dinner.

Do you guys rent SUPs?

Nope, but CB SUP does. We can direct you to some sweet spots, but head over there for rentals. 

Why do you always go to Mexico?

Lots of reasons. Let's chat when you're in the shop next, otherwise just come with?

What are your hours?

Right now, 10-5...peak of summer 10ish-seriously whenever. Some nights, 9:30. Club Chopwood it becomes.

What's your other job?

Playing with our animals. We don't have serving jobs when we leave. A lot of people do what they can in order to live here. We're just a small team crushing it day in and day out.