January 24, 2016 2 min read

Nuzzled at the end of Elk Avenue on the south side, in what used to be the historic Penelope’s Restaurant, now stands Crested Butte’s new outdoor lifestyle store. Chopwood Mercantile is a Buttian’s dream packed into one cozy store. Not a Buttian? That’s okay too, Chopwood has all your necessities while you’re in town or the gifts you want to give those to share the experience of this mountain paradise. Owners Travis and Lisa know what mountain lifestyle is.With a strong history in the valley, Travis and Lisa have built a store that provides purposeful and essential gear.There could be a hundred, buthere are 6 reasons to shop Chopwood Mercantile next time you find yourself in these hills:

6. Brands with Stories

Consumers want more. Chopwood gets that. It’s not just about a product anymore; it’s about where it comes from, who it supports, and how it’s made. It’s about life. Patagonia, NAU, Icebreaker, Juniper, and many more that call Chop’s shelves home, get it.

5. An Outdoor Lifestyle Epicenter

Okay, so do you ski, hike, bike, run, fish, climb, have a dog, do yoga, or really anything that requires moving around? If so, Chop is your one stop shop for clothing, inquiries about the valley, stories, advice, and goods. It’s all there.

4. Not Just a Shop

They’re looking outside retail for inspiration. Whether it be craft brewing, farm-to-table, know your farmer, food trucks, or anything else viable, Chopwood Mercantile is focused on gatherings that lead to making connections between the buyer, the goods, and the owners.

3. Pure Knowledge

From first hand experience you’ll be able to tell that Travis and Lisa are the most knowledgeable people on the block, maybe even this side of the Mississippi, when it comes to mountain lifestyle retail, culture, and love for what they’ve created.

2. It’s Local

It’s not just a fad. Shopping local is huge. Putting money into this community is what keeps it running. Travis and Lisa call this place home and are most likely working everyday of the week to keep it that way. Support local shops and the community thrives, plain and simple.

1. They Want You To

One must come in to believe it. Chopwood is truly about connecting whether it is with each other, a brand, or a fellow customer. There are stories to be heard in this valley. Come in, strike up conversation and it’s a promise you’ll make a connection, tell another story, or just end up having a cup of coffee and hanging out. This place is comfortable.

Not enough reasons to make you come in next time you’re around? Then just come and you’ll come up with some of your own...and don’t forget:Before Enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. -Zen Buddhist Proverb