January 19, 2017 2 min read

New Cuyama, California Mural

Los Angeles to Crested Butte is about 930 miles. Eric Junker, an avid outdoorsman and designer with a surfing problem. His work which includes murals, posters, and graphics are inspired by the great outdoors, his friends, and the meaning of adventure. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Business Communication at USC Marshall School of Business. Some of his clients include TOMS, Patagonia, SeaVees, Roy Choi, Jack’s Stir Brew, Ventura Spirits, Homestate Tacos, Silver Lake Wine, and Chopwood Mercantile. He's been in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and numerous others. How'd he end up with a Crested Butte connection and how did we end up with a store full of Conscious Camper products and a best-selling mug with Eric's design on it?

The Famous: Crested Butte Enamel Mug 

Those are two questions I've wondered for awhile now. I tell stories about the canvas hanging behind the Chopwood bar, explain the meaning of the Latin phrases on each of his shirts and sell more enamel, Eric Junker designed, mugs than I can keep track of. But I had to get the full story myself. 

Eric Junker Band serenading Monty

Travis met Eric through a mutual friend, Rich Hill. Travis and Lisa then decided to stock Eric's brand, Conscious Camper, and collaborate with him on some special Chopwood designs. Eric and his family visited Crested Butte during the summer of 2015 (Chopwood's first year). That's when Eric and and crew painted the canvas that hangs behind our bar on Ranco Loco's front porch. He also played a little banjo to serenade and smooth the animals. Conscious Camper and Eric's mission is simple. Living in the city, and lovers of the outdoors, they seek to bring the happy camp vibe to everyday adventures through their art.

Eric Junker designs

Two years later, and many t-shirts and mugs out the door, it's a successful relationship. It's pretty awesome for Chopwood to have such a well know designer's work in our little shop. From the Gunnison Valley to Southern California if you protect what you love, it'll treat you well right back. So, thanks to Eric Junker and Conscious Camper we've got a selection of goods that tell a big story in a small town. If Chopwood Mercantile had room for a mural, we'd put ourselves on the waiting list. Who knows the Rancho Loco barn may be next up.

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