Vermont Sticky

Maple Syrup Amber Grade A

From our local Vermont Maple Syrup company, yes local! They harvest every spring on their sticky farm in Vermont and bring it back here to Crested Butte to distribute from. 

I dare you to try Vermont Sticky on something other than pancakes. (, waffles don't count!) Our family uses it as a natural sweetener for everything! How did Grandpa Archie know back in 1959 when he built our first sugaring shack that the world would be clamoring for a healthy, all natural alternative to refined sugar? He was so ahead of his time! Grandpa Archie taught my dad Bob all he knew about sugaring and he in turn taught my brother, cousins and I. Dad enlightened us with his sugaring expertise while his nephews introduced new technologies and fresh ideas such as the importance of an organic certification. With several generations of sugaring knowledge, we guarantee that it serves as a great ice cream topping, a cocktail sweetener or a tasty ingredient in sauces. My hubby even uses it for a boost of energy on long bike rides. The only thing added to this pure organic Vermont syrup is time and LOVE from Archie's family!