Jamies Jerky

Original Beef Jerky 2.75 oz

We use only Organic Grass Fed beef. No hormones and no antibiotics used in the beef we purchase. Our secret recipe provides the natural preservatives!


  • Ingredients:Organic Grass-fed beef, Worcestershire Sauce, Bragg's Organic Amino Acids soy sauce(Gluten Free,) water, In-House sauce, Spices, Black pepper, liquid smoke. (NOW WITH NO ADDED SUGAR)

We are a father-daughter operation that started out of pure love for our family recipe.

Over 30 years ago, my father Jamie Watt, a custom home builder, bought jerky at a gas station and decided after tasting it that he could make jerky…and make it better! So he started working with different ingredients and gave his new product to friends, and sometimes sold it to the local bars in Crested Butte, CO. When tourists came to visit, they loved his jerky and asked how they could get it in their towns too. So I decided to leave my job in California, move back to Crested Butte and start Jamie’s Jerky! Our mission is simple…create a healthy snack using sustainable practices. We only use the best ingredients, organic grass fed beef and all natural turkey in our award winning products.

Oh yeah, and Beware.……you will become addicted!